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About Us


Our Philosophy

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Established in 1999, SHOC is a not-for-profit voluntary organisation, a registered charity, and is incorporated under the Companies Act 1985 as a private company that is limited. 


SHOC’s primary mission and focus is the delivery of evidenced-based sexual health initiatives, rooted in the communities we are commissioned to serve. We are community-orientated, and employ community development principles to support the delivery of our work.



We are currently commissinoned in partnership with Addaction, a leading national charity in substance misuse and mental health, to deliver a Young People's Health and Wellbeing Service in the Borough of Brent.  The service provides a peripatetic delivery of education, psychosocial interventions, and provision of holistic health and wellbeing services.



We are committed to applying our equal opportunities, diversity and vulnerability and quality policies in all aspects of our work.



      To provide a high quality service to all our clients in a cost effective manner

To satisfy our funders’ requirements effectively and economically

To expand the range of programmes annually

To provide services to meet the community’s requirements for improving

understanding and communication of sexual health issues

To ensure that our staff adopt an objective of 'good practice' in all working practices 

To operate at a modest surplus annually





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Our Philosophy


SHOC believes that effective sexual health promotion is multi-faceted and must include key activities such as:


  • The development of policies and strategies at local national and organisational levels which address sexual inequalities, support the development of positive sexual health and of caring relationships and ensure that appropriate and accessible services are available.
  • The provision of sexual health and other health services, delivered by staff who are well trained and supported and who have the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes to promote the health of their service users. Within the wider aim of working towards sexual health for all, our specific objectives include:
    • Reducing unintended teenage pregnancies;
    • The prevention of HIV and other Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs);
    • The promotion of positive and mutually satisfying relationships through the provision of evidence based Sex and Relationships Education.
  • Enabling individuals, groups and communities to gain the skills, understanding and information to take control of their own sexual health and to be empowered to make positive responsible choices.


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Who We Are 

The SHOC team is made up of:

  • Brian Whitehead - Project Manager
  • Heather Malcolm - Administrator
  • Jaheda Ali -  Young Persons' & Transitional Team Leader
  • Tariq Musinguzi - Health & Wellbeing Practitioner
  • Nicholas Bardowell - Health & Wellbeing Practitioner 


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What People Say About SHOC

"SHOC is unrivalled in Brent with Sexual Health Promotion."

Dr. John Akumabar,
Sudbury Court Drive Surgery.

"SHOC is helpful, informative and supportive with Brent's sexual health initiatives."

Linda Heffelman, Park House Medical Centre.

"SHOC services are invaluable. SHOC provides us with educational and physical support to promote good sexual health in Brent for people of all ages."

Karen McCartney, Practice Nurse, Harrow Road Surgery.

"SHOC is always there when you need it."

Julie Mentighi, Practice Nurse, Walm Lane Surgery.

"Once you are  hooked to SHOC, it becomes harder to quit talking about safer sex."
Emma Varsani,

Nurse Practitioner, Roundwood  Medical Centre.

"SHOC organises structured, professional and friendly educational meetings which meet the current needs of the Brent population. SHOC's staff are easy to talk to and helpful."
Dr. M. Doko, GP, Burnley Practice.

"SHOC is the wave of security 4 safe sex 4 all in Brent."
Liz Mcdonic, Practice Nurse & Jyotsna Patel, GP, Chamberlayne Road, Brent.

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