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Our Current Campaigns

SHOC runs a variety of campaigns, particularly aimed at encouraging young people to access sexual health services in the area. 

Our current campaigns include:




Our past campaigns include:

  • SHOC-in'
  • Not another statistic
  • NW10 Project
  • Cover it

 Read more about our past campaigns.


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R Project

R Project is an award winning peer education project; developing and delivering peer led sexual health education in schools and informal youth settings in Brent and London Boroughs. The project develops resources and health promotion materials on sexual health. 


The production of our Children and Young Peoples "Stay Healthy" and "Stay Safe" award winning "The Adventures of a Blueberry Condom" education resource and teaching package and the new DVD - "The Sperm Busters", which is the sequel to "The Blue Movie...Adventures of a Blueberry Condom". Follow the adventures of a young woman as she travels through her own reproductive system, learning about sex, contraception, realationshiops and self-esteem.


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Emergency Hormonal Contraception in Pharmacies

The aim of the Emergency Contraception Scheme in Community Pharmacy (i.e. supplying Levonelle-1500 under a Brent tPCT PGD) is to contribute to a reduction in the number of unwanted pregnancies, especially in women who cannot or will not purchase EHC.


Women seen under the scheme can be offered information on contraception services and sexually transmitted infections and a small supply of condoms as well as EHC.


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Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in Brent

SHOC has run a campaign to raise awareness of FGM and its physical and psychological effects on women accessing general practice. 89 general practitioners and practice nurses attended 2 days of awareness training.


Our work on FGM also includes:

  • Working with the Local Safe Guarding Children Board to identify child protection issues and procedures, and develop clear care pathways for patients.  Joint working relationships with Foundation for Women's Health Research and Development (FORWARD), specialist reversal clinics and the lead clinician, Comfort Momoh.
  • Raising awareness of the Metropolitan Police DVD - Working together for a safer London, of STOP FGM NOW and The Day I Will Never Forget.
  • Raising awareness in schools on request by school heads.


Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) Helpline


A national helpline specialising in responses to female genital mutilation (FGM) has
been launched. Its aim is to improve the safeguarding of children in the UK by
increasing the detection and protection of children at risk or who have become victims of FGM. It operates 24/7, and is staffed by specially trained child protection helpline counsellors who can offer advice, information, and assistance to members of the public and to professionals.
The helpline can be contacted on: 0800 028 3550 and emails sent to
The NSPCC’s press release on the launch of the FGM Helpline is available via
For any queries or for further information, contact:
John Cameron (Head of Child Protection Helpline Operations on 020 7825 2801;
jcameron@nspcc.org.uk) or Kamaljit Thandi (Helpline Team Manager; 0777 5011 829; kthandi@nspcc.org.uk ).


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"I am impressed with SHOC's services. It delivers a very clear sexual health message."

Dr Segal, Harrow.

"SHOC is helpful, informative and supportive with Brent's sexual health initiatives."

Linda Heffelman, Park House Medical Centre.

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