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Past Campaigns

In addition to its current campaigns, SHOC has run a variety of campaigns in the past, also aimed at encouraging young people to access sexual health services in the area.

Previous campaigns include:



This is a was a sexual health promotion initiative for Brent residents, working with hairdressers and nail bars to promote sexual health to their customers,  promoting:

  • Condom usage,
  • Local STI awareness,
  • Screening in at risk populations,
  • Awareness of /access to GUM & other screening services.

This campaign is a joint initiative between Brent Health Promotion, Sexual Health, Brent & Harrow Community Health Project.

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Not Another Statistic

This campaign is aimed at to preventing/reduceing the rate of STI/HIV incidence mongst black African men.
It aimed to:

  • Increase HIV testing in the black African male population.
  • Increase the availability and acceptability of condoms.
  • Increase access to GUM, Family Planning and Primary Care Services.
  • Reduce social, cultural and religious barriers to condom use in this community.
  • Reduce the stigma associated with HIV and other STIs.

The Task Group working on this campaign comprises SHOC, NWLHT Microbiology and GUM services, Brent Health Promotion Unit, Brent & Harrow Community Health Project and Hornstars.

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NW10 Project

The NW10 Project targets young people aged 14-24 years living in NW10, especially young black men, who have historically been more difficult to reach and more often out of contact. of.....  There are 4225 young people in this age bracket living in NW10, with a 50:50 gender split.
The NW10 Project has:

  • Targeted & reached approximately 1000 young people living in NW10.
  • Promoted appropriate sexual health... and education, through formal & informal settings.
  • Promoted .... access to health and social services.
  • Developed appropriate education and information resources.
  • Developed a peer-led education programme carried out in formal and informal settings.
  • Developed a mentoring programme specifically for young black men.
  • Developed a young person led arts project, similar to the SHARP project.
  • Engaged young people to determine their views about sexual health services in NW10.

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Cover It

This campaigns is was a joint initiative between Brent Health Promotion, SHOC, BHCHP and pharmacists throughout Brent and Harrow. It aimed to promote:

  • Condom usage,
  • Local STI awareness,
  • Screening in at risk populations,
  • Awareness of /access to GUM & other screening services.

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